UEFA chose St. Petersburg’s Gazprom Arena for the final of the 2021UEFA Champions League.

Saint Petersburg is becoming one of the football capitals of the world. The new stadium was constructed in 2016 and it was one of the key venues for FIFA 2018, hosting 7 games including the semi-final and third place match. With its modern infrastructure and capacity for 64 486 people it is perfect for one of the most watched sporting events. Its picturesque location on the shore of the Gulf of Finland and close proximity to the historical city center is a nice contribution for the fans. With Moscow playing the host for 2008 Champions League final, it will be the second time for Russia to hold the event. E-visas for entering Russia through St. Petersburg will make the trip easier and more pleasurable. And #russkieprostori DMC will be always happy to help with accommodation, visa support and incentive programs in Russia.