Ancient architecture in the northwest Russian city of Pskov is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

17 cultural gems were added in the UNESCO's list of World Heritage Sites on July 17. The churches, cathedrals, monasteries and fortification towers reflect the Pskov School of Architecture, one of the leading architectural schools in the country which had great influence throughout the centuries. The sites in Pskov date back as far as the 12th century.

Pskov is located 300 km from Saint Petersburg, by Estonian border. It is one of the cities of the Silver Ring of Russia, a chain of sites of the tourist's route in the north-west of the country, surrounding Saint Petersburg. The route also goes through Novgorod Veliky, which is even older than Pskov, Izorks, Kaliningrad, Kizhi and other cities.

While St. Petersburg and the most part Moscow's monuments reflect the Russia of the past several centuries effected by a significant cultural impact of Europe, Pskov shows the earliest period of the history of the country. Contact #russkieprostori DMC to learn every side of Russian culture.