The most popular summer public event with fireworks, water shows and music concerts will be held in June 21.

The annual festival is dedicated to school graduates of the whole Russia and traditionally held in St. Petersburg in the end of June, when all the school exams are over. The first holiday was held in 1968 and in 2005 the tradition was revived with a grander scale. The festival is not only for teenagers - the whole city gathers in the city center to watch amazing fireworks, water shows and open-air music concerts. The main event is a passage of a ship with red sails - the one described in a popular in Russia Alexander Grin's novel from which the festival borrows its name. That symbol refers to the celebration of hope, dreams and new beginnings for future generations. And, of course, it is also beautiful to watch.
June is also a wonderful time to visit Saint Petersburg with so many outdoor activities for incentive programs. And the festival will be a great entertainment in the end of the day.
Place: Palace Square and Neva embankment by the Hermitage and Peters and Paul Fortress.
Time: 10 pm.
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