New water adventure for incentive activities in historical city center is available this summer.

Standard bus sightseeing tours can sometimes seem boring and Saint Petersburg invents more ways to entertain its guests. All the better if it is a bit extreme. Kayaking and canopying is not a new activity in the city - the suburbs have many rapid rivers, so if you are looking for true excitement, #russkieprostori DMC will be happy to assist you.

However, kayaking is also available in the historical district. You will see the palaces and mansions from a different perspective and get a little workout in the process. The activity is perfect for small groups that do not have much time to spare.
The tour is not dangerous at all - we understand that the Neva river is not the most pleasant place to learn how to swim. So even if you see a kayak for the first time in your life, you will be able to easily navigate it and stay aboard.

Group size: up to 15-16 persons.
Duration: 1-3 hours.
Time: morning hours (till 9 a.m.).
If you are not a morning person (your trip is for relaxation, after all), you are welcome to book a tour with a slightly different route.