The international student and youth competition will be held in Krasnoyarsk from 2–12 March 2019.

In less than a month hundreds of athletes from all over the world will gather in Krasnoyarsk, Russia to compete in the international multi-sport event, the largest in the world apart from the Olympics. The name "Universiade" combines the words "University" and "olympiad" and often described as the World University Games or World Student Games.

It is not the first time Russia hosts this competition, since the foundation of the games, Moscow and Kazan also welcomed the athletes. Krasnoyarsk, located in the East Siberia, is perfect for winter games, as March is still a winter month there. The official mascot for this year is U-Laika, a Siberian dog of Laika breed. As the say, it is a symbol of loyalty, friendliness, joy and everlasting energy. The main motto is "Real Winter" as Siberia is traditionally considered a very "frosty" place. The event will include the following competitions: alpine skiing, bandy, biathlon, cross-country skiing, curling figure skating, freestyle skiing, ice hockey, short track speed skating, ski orienteering, snowboard. 

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