New activity for groups and individual travelers in the Russian natural wonder- Baikal.

As if being simply one of the most beautiful natural resorts in the world is not enough, Baikal do not cease to surprise us with new unusual entertainment and incentive activities that not only environmentally-friendly, but also let us appreciate the wilderness of the place.
Along with ice-golf and ice-sailing you can also try ice diving in Baikal. You will swim with inhabitants of the lake, such as Baikal seals (or nerpas), and explore underwater grottos and caves formed from ice. The ice thickness is from 20 cm (in January) and 120 cm (in March). The visibility depends on the layer of snow, but due to the cleanliness of water the ice is completely transparent so usually, up till the middle of March, you will be able to explore everything with natural light. And even if you look up from the depth of 40 meters, you will see your friends standing on ice and waiting for their turn. The water temperature is 0.5-1C, all the equipment will be provided for you. Do not worry if you are a first-time diver, you will be able to take a diving course and enjoy the experience to the fullest.