One more unusual way to explore St. Petersburg attractions and organize a Soviet style program.

Recently the city has introduced a special "Holiday tram" that takes the passengers around the city center in a festive style. It is illuminated with hundreds of lights and looks like a New Year decoration that invites all the passers-by to take a picture and join the ride. It is also one of the cheapest way and certainly one of the most unusual one to explore the city.

If you are looking for an exclusive tour just for your group and would like to see the attractions in an unhurried and comfortable way, you can rent a tram, organize a lunch in it and even a party. The retro style will be perfect for a program with USSR theme as the vehicle itself was constructed in 1937. It is decorated with wood panels and accommodates up to 30 people. 

Trams are also an important part of St. Petersburg history. The city was one of the pioneers in introduction of a new form of transport - the first trams were put on tracks in 1907. And in the late 1980s Saint Petersburg had the largest tram network in the world and was included in the Guinness World Records.
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