Explore Russia from a bird`s-eye view.

What could be more perfect for a an unforgettable incentive trip - an extraordinary journey with a fantastic 360 degree view to see all the wonders of St. Petersburg suburbs. The balloon goes up to 300 meters height and the gondola (a wicker basket) is 1,5 x 2 sq.m. which is enough to accommodate up to 5 passengers and a pilot. The journey will last for about an hour, and will take place just outside of St. Petersburg - in its beautiful suburbs with imperial palaces and ancient fortresses, like Pushkin (Krasnoye Selo), Pavlovsk, Vyborg, Staraya Ladoga (about 100 km from St. Petersburg) and many other towns . You will have a light snack during your journey and will be greeted with a bottle of champaign after the landing. By the way, a hot air balloon is considered to be one of the safest means of transportation and you will have a an instructor and a guide to make sure you understand all the safety rules. So all you have to do is just enjoy the experience.
For more information please contact #russkieprostori DMC.