In the end of 2019 a new observation deck will be opened in St. Petersburg and it will be the highest in Europe.

Moscow is famous for its business district, City, which is full of glass sky-scrapers of different shapes and sizes. However, the award for the tallest sky-scraper still goes to the Northern capital - St. Petersburg. With the high of 462 meters it is promised to be the highest not only in Russia, but in Europe. The building is a the Lakhta Business Centre that is currently under construction and will house public facilities and offices. Besides being one of the greatest large-scale development project in the past several years it is also registered by Guinness World Records as the largest continuous concrete pour - 19,624 cubic meters of concrete were used.

The observation platform will be truly remarkable - thanks to the beneficial position of the building you will get a panoramic view to the city. The Lakhta Centre is located just on the shore of the Gulf of Finland and faces the city center and the stadium. The venue will also house various other entertainment for groups and individual travelers including panoramic restaurants. We will share with you the photos as soon as we get them.
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