Each summer and winter Sochi reclaims its title as one of the best multisport destinations with rafting, mountaineering, yachting and many other activities.

Sochi is uniquely located on the shore of the Black Sea and by the Caucasus Mountains which opens plenty of opportunities for incentive activities. The city is the most popular Russian resort with its numerous hotels of international brands.

Hiking is probably the first things that comes to mind when you think about mountains. Sochi has a variety of trails to choose from - whether you would like to see waterfalls and caves or simply have a picnic with a splendid view from mountain tops. This could be one of the best programs if you want to admire Sochi's beautiful nature. And it is also perfect for groups of all sizes with guests of different ages.

Rafting is the most popular incentive activity for extreme-seekers due to the abundance of turbulent mountain rivers. And the Mzymta and the Shakhe rivers, with rapids and sandbars, are the best for it. Your adventures in Sochi will not be complete without this wonderful experience.

Canyoning and Caving
Each and every mountain gorge is a unique natural wonder. Canyoning involves jumping from waterfalls in deep pools, rafting in natural karst corridors and climbing rocks hanging over water. Caving means discovering an unequipped cave. Have you ever gone inside a cave for several kilometers without steps, bridges and lightning? Put yourself to a test, be open to new emotions and discover a new unknown world.

Even climbing up a 200-meter rock becomes possible for amateur climbers or those who have never tried doing this before. Our DMC will provide the group with experienced instructors and safety systems that will make the climbing very safe.

Formula One Karting
Fans of adrenaline and excitement would love an exclusive track in the Imereti Valley. Sochi Autodrom is a world-class circuit designed to become a popular place among drivers with different levels of preparation. The circuit is notable for its outstanding speed characteristics, high safety standards, excellent infrastructure and service. And this world class facility provides an excellent opportunity for unique incentive programs - karting is just one of them.

Helicopter Tours in Sochi
You have an opportunity to get the bird’s eye view of the Caucasus Mountains, the Black sea, millions of rivers and valleys. Tours on helicopter is an exciting trip which allows you to see and appreciate the true beauty of Russian nature, the uniqueness of its landscapes, colorful palette of valleys and forests. The tour will be a thrilling addition to any incentive program in Sochi in summer as well as in winter.

In comparison to rafting or mountaineering, cycling may seem not such an exciting activity. But Sochi has an infrastructure for the different cycling styles, including mountain biking. One of the most popular track is located in Gornaya Karusel, 1,000 metres above sea level. The tracks are suitable for skilled cyclers and beginners.

It can be a team competition where you can work with your friends and co-workers in a regatta organized specifically for your company. Or you can just go on a serene sail trip to admire the Black Sea and Sochi’s mountains from afar. Parties on boats are also popular.

Sochi now has a diving center where you can learn to scuba dive along with rescue workers and researchers for submarine archaeological expeditions. “Laguna” trains professional and amateur divers, and in the end of your training you are fit to go (or dive) on a tour to the bottom of the Black Sea.