Gastreet, The International Restaurant Show, will be held in the most popular Russian resort from May 22nd to May 25th.

When we talk about Russian cuisine we often forget other ethnic cultures in Russia which have their own traditions in the art of cooking. Sochi, probably, one of the best cities in the western region where you can try the authentic Armenian cuisine, without traveling to Armenia, of course. You can go from one place to another looking for a good steak in Moscow and St. Petersburg and the highest price will not be the indicator of the best quality.
But if you come across a restaurant in Sochi with a homemade cuisine, just be sure that you will not regret having a lunch there. So it should not be a surprise that this resort, so popular among tourists, holds an international restaurant show several years in a row. 150 top speakers and chefs, and 5000 restaurateurs will gather in Gorki Gorod, which is 960 m. height above sea level, and give presentations for you with lectures and, most importantly, with food.
The event will have a business program that includes 200 seminars and workshops, an open-air music festival and several areas dedicated to different topics of the industry - Barstreet, Business street, Chef Street, Bunus street, Wine street, BBQ street and and others. Each evening the visitors will be able to enjoy pop-up dinners with dishes from the most popular chefs.
The event will be wonderful for every foody, which is probably everyone I know... So if you happen to be in Russia this May, do not miss the chance to have a lunch prepared by the best chefs from all over the world. Or you can ask Russkie Prostori DMC for assistance and we will be happy to save you the trouble of finding the best place for you.