The legendary Space Pavilion finally opens in Moscow, VDNKh’s after reconstruction.

The modern museum complex includes several interactive areas: a Cosmos Boulevard, a Design Bureau and Spaceport to the Future. You will see the most recent replicas of spacecraft, the history of aviation and space exploration shown in technological exhibits of the 20th century. You will not be able to miss full-size replicas of rockets. The exhibition covers several themes – Space Science, Space Medicine and Biology, People in Space. If you would like to learn about the Sun and other planets, watch a spaceship launch simulation, you should definitely visit Spaceport to the Future zone with its hemispherical dome and a 5D-cinema.

The pavilion was opened in 1939 and called Space/Engineering. The true popularity the place gained in 1954 - this is where people could see first sputniks, Moon, and Mars research vehicle, first shots of the other side of the Moon with their own eyes for the first time. Just think of the awe when concepts from science fiction became a reality. Can recreate this unforgettable impression for you with our space theme program. Moscow, which is both Soviet and modern, dynamic and willing to relish and explore the memory of the past, is the perfect place for such an incentive trip.