A 3-century-old winter sport and a new incentive activity for you.

Though the most part of the Northern hemisphere is already enjoying spring Lake Baikal in Russian Siberia is still covered with ice and ready to hold an ice yachting competition. From March, 31 till April, 7th a series of events will take place by Irkutskaya region, on the southern part of the lake - Asian Cup, Championship Of Russia and Cup Of Baikal. 

The ice sailing boat was introduced in the 18th century and went through a various modifications since then. The first competition, a race of special iceboats on a frozen lake or river, was organized in the 20th century. The boat is specifically constructed to slide on ice and in order to enter the competition it must satisfy certain requirements of size and material. The medium speed of such a vehicle is 80 km/h with wind of 6 m/s. 

Baikal is wonderful place to visit during winter or summer with various unusual incentive activities. If you have not heard of ice sailing or ice golf - this is the place to start. So if you would like to get a taste of Russian winter we will be happy to organize a master class for you next year with an exhilarating competition between teams. Do not worry, you will have hot drinks on the spot and hot meal afterwards, but with our sport activities you will hardly freeze. For more information please contact #russkieprostori DMC.