Why is February, 23d one of the most beloved celebrations of all Russian men and also a great opportunity to go for a military incentive program?

The celebration can be compared to the United States' Memorial Day, Veteran's Day and Father`s Day. It goes back to 1918 to the Russian Civil War, when the Red Army attacked Saint Petersburg. Since then it changed its name several times until in 1991 it was given its current name.
Officially the holiday celebrates just the Russian military and men who served in the army but it became a counterpart to another popular Russian holiday, International Women's Day, and nowadays it is customary to congratulate all men - in family or at workplace.
If you happen to be in Moscow or St. Petersburg that day do not be alarmed by tanks and other military machinery on the main city's square. And, most definitely, you should not miss glorious fireworks in the city center. If you have never been in the army though, and just for a brief second would like to become a soldier, #russkieprostori will recommend an incentive military program with real adventure.
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