Free Wi-Fi in St. Petersburg metro will be available by December, 8th.

 Saint Petersburg is in full preparation for FIFA 2018 and is doing everything possible for football fans to be comfortable and always updated on the score. Currently approximately 300 stations and 145 trains have a Wi-Fi access and according to the administration the installation will be completed by December, 8th. Up to 200 people will be able to use World Wide Web simultaneously in each car. However, St. Petersburg goes behind Moscow in that department as the capital has been providing free Wi-Fi for passengers for several years already.

 Though becoming more and more convenient Saint Petersburg and Moscow metro are not merely means of transportation. Some stations are truly a piece of art and considered one of top tourist attractions. The Guardian mentioned Avtovo, Saint Petersburg metro station, in the list of the most beautiful metro stations in 2014. Each station has its own design and theme representing the most prominent events and persons of Russia and thus presenting an opportunity to learn about Russian culture in a different, nontypical way. #russkieprostori organize special metro tours around the most beautiful stations for incentive programs or a part of city quests, where you can see vast baroque halls or Soviet mosaic passages with images of famous Russian poets.

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