On Arts Night museums, libraries, theatres, cultural centers and concert venues will present a special program for visitors.

 The Fifth Annual Arts Night Festival will take place in Moscow on November, 4th and involve hundreds of cultural establishments. The official motto of the event is "Art unites!". Museums will prepare rare exhibitions, work shops, lectures of famous professors and quests for you. For example, The Moscow Archeology Museum will show you how ancient musical instruments of Russia sounded like. Many famous cultural figures will also take part at the event - actors and directors, modern artists, poets and musicians. Concert halls, theatres and various other venues will organize performances of Russian folk music as well as classical music.

Arts Night Festival might be the best place to learn about Russian culture in one night, especially if your visit in Russia is very short and only for business purposes. All the venues will open at 6 pm and close late at night so your schedule will not be interrupted during the day. You may also contact #russkieprostori DMC and learn more about cultural entertainment in our country.