St. Petersburg will recreate the events of the Great Russian revolution of 1917 in a historic reconstruction.

Wouldn't you want to be a part of the Great Russian revolution? To see for yourself how it all began? From a safe distance of course. Or maybe not...:)
What do we associate with Russia? Opulence of tsars and strict USSR regime come to mind. This autumn you will have an opportunity to witness the fall of one epoch and the rising of the other. Though Moscow is the capital, St. Petersburg is the place where it all began. From October, 4th till October, 7th you will travel through time to the Russian revolution and see Lenin leading the uprising on a armored car to tell you about the new era. The storming of the Winter Palace will be the highlight of the show. If you dress up in a historic costume you will have a good chance to become a direct participant.
If you cannot get to our wonderful city this October #russkieprostori DMC will take this show as an inspiration and organize a Soviet-style event anytime of the year and just for you. Contact us and learn more.