Your incentive trip will not be perfect if you do not have something to remember it by. Here are some of the most exquisite and unique Russian souvenirs that can be made specifically for you.

A Matreshka doll is probably the first thing that comes to mind when you are choosing what to take from Russia. Though it is beautiful now it can hardly be considered unusual for someone who visited the country at least once. So if you would like your gift to be not only memorable but also unique, here are some options. And almost all of the items can be made with your company logo.

Imperial Pocelain also known as Lomonosov China is probably the best in Russia. The company dates back to the 18th century when it produced china for the royal family. Now it sells everything from dinner-sets to sculptures for government officials and the major companies around the globe. It has its famous classical design and also new innovative designs. You can even order a souvenir just for your company with your own logo.

It should be a crime to travel to St. Petersburg or Moscow without going to ballet or opera in one of there magnificent theatres. All theatre lovers will appreciate delicate ballerina dolls, books and theatre themed presents that you will not see anywhere else. Do not forget that some theatres also provide tours where you will learn the production process from the inside.

Soviet Russia left us with rich culture that can be explored from different angles and now also became a theme for some incentive programs and gala dinners. You can choose flasks, badges, garrison caps, service shirts, belts, helmets, ushankas (fur hats) and many others. The souvenir may be with your company logo and that present will be perfect for #russkieprostori incentive military program.

Usually we buy mugs with the print of the city we are visiting, but in Russia we used to enjoy drinking tea from glasses with a special holder, podstakannik, in order not to get burned. They were very popular in the Soviet era and even now as a souvenir. Podstakannik is made of metal and has many different designs. The set will make your tea party very unusual in your home country, you can even make Russian tea with special medicative herbs from Russia. This gift will be best for a folk themed incentive program.

Another wonderful compliment for a folk entertainment is a Birch bark souvenir. The tree is very popular in Russia, in may be found in our fairy tales and art, so it is not a surprise that we turned it into a decorative folk craft. You can make anything you want from that material - jewelry boxes, baskets, picture frames etc. #russkieprostori can make an order with your company logo on the gifts.

A Faberge egg is probably one of the most exquisite souvenir that you can take from Russia. In Faberge museum in St. Petersburg you will see a wide range of breath-taking jewelry items with enamel, precious metals and stones. A decorative egg is a popular gift for Easter, in the 19th century it became an inspiration for Gustav Fabergé to create magnificent masterpieces. A Faberge egg can be transformed into a jewelry box or a set of delicate earrings. This souvenir will be wonderful if you are visiting St. Petersburg and would like to get a piece of its imperial beauty.
The list is, of course incomplete, so if you are looking for something different Russkie Prostori DMC will be happy to assist you and make your trip to Russia unforgettable.