Starting from July 2019 all the foreign travelers entering through the Kaliningrad Region will be able to use electronic visas.

In 2 years everyone who is planning to come to Russia will be able to get an electronic entry visa. The only condition is that the entry and exit should be made through the Kaliningrad Region. Keep in mind that it is absolutely unnecessary to stay there the whole time, travelers can visit any other cities such as Moscow and St. Petersburg. And the trip from Kaliningrad to the capital takes less than 2 hours by plane.

A similar project is being introduced in Vladivostok right now. Since August, the 1st visitors from several countries have been able to get an electronic entry visa valid for 30 days with an eight day period of stay. All they have to do is to fill in an application form on the website not later than 4 days before the trip. The list of the countries includes India, China, North Korea, Mexico, Singapore, Japan, Morocco, Qatar, Kuwait, Brunei, Algeria, Bahrain, Iran, UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia and Turkey.

"World without boarders" is a dream of every traveler. Though that goal is unachievable, we understand that visa complicated formalities often stand on the way of economical development and productive relationships. Luckily, Russia simplifies the procedure for more and more countries every year. But if the wait is too long and you want to see the wonders of Russia right now, #russkieprostori DMC will make all the possible arrangements and provide you with visa support.