On August, 12 you will a magnificent fireworks show in the Palace park of museum-reserve "Gatchina", St. Petersburg.

In August this year the guests of Gatchina, St. Petersburgs suburbs, will see a theatre of light. Mystical projections will show a fairy tale using palace, the gardens and even on the surface of the White Lake a magnificent canvas. You will find yourself in an enchanted land with thousands of lights. The show will be performed with classical music of Chaikovsky, Medelson and other great composers. Real nymphs will walk around the parks with you and in the end you will see magnificent fireworks in the sky.
If you do not have an opportunity to visit the show or would like to feel special on this night of wonders, Russkie Prostori will be happy to organize this program specifically for your group in the most beautiful locations of St. Petersburg and Moscow. Make a journey to the fairy land with #russkieprostori DMC.