An innovative hotel in the form of a mammoth scull will be built in the best ecotourism destination in Russia.

It is not a metaphor - the hotel will be in the form of a mammoth scull with soaring 100 meter high tusks. And no, it will not look creepy or barbaric, but rather artistic and innovative - a tribute to the extinct animal that used to inhabit this picturesque place.
The design was made by a sculptor Dashi Namdakov and became a Buryatia's brand, a region by Baikal lake. The hotel will hopefully attract more attention to this marvelous destination. Baikal, being the deepest lake in the world with unique flora and fauna, is also one of the purest. Recently it became a fast developing ecotourism destination with various hotels and unusual teambuilding programs, making it perfect for an incentive trip. For instance, You are welcome to try playing golf on ice -
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