On May, 20th the wonderful magic of fireworks, light show and theatrical performance awaits everyone in Peterhof, St. Petersburg.

We are so happy to welcome summer every year that we grasp every opportunity to celebrate it! Grand Opening Ceremony of Peterhof's Fountains is a flamboyant event with fireworks, light show on the palace and theatrical performance with live music, singing and dancing. Every year the organizers prepare a different theme, so if you have already been there, 2017 will still be full of surprises. You might also want to come several hours early so you can enjoy the beauty of the parks and the palace itself which was found by Peter the Great in the beginning of the XVIII century. The show is a wonderful addition to an incentive program in Russia, as well as Peterhof is a "must" for everyone who visits St. Petersburg. If you would like to see the event #russkieprostori DMC will happily arrange it for you!