If you consider yourself an adventurer seeking for new experience there is no way you can miss one of the Moscow restaurants with the most unusual atmosphere, settings and decorations.

Today's post is for those who thinks that a meal is a form of art. Just think about it - in a way it could be classical or baroque or even post modern - and the settings should be appropriate. We go to a restaurant not simply to calm down our appetite but to get an experience and to my mind it should be as full as possible. Do not forget that modern Russia is rich with the most unusual and unexpected entertainment and Moscow is a cluster of everything you can find. Do not simply go to the Kremlin and then sightseeing tour. Visit something different, unusual even for locals.

Steak on the Gallows and Cocktails from a Dropper
You can also order chocolate from a syringe or many other unusual dishes from the menu of the restaurant "Kusochki". You will dine in one of the sections - a train compartment, a stadium, the Kremlin, an Italian courtyard, a hospital or a jail and you will be served by policemen, doctors, housewives with wavers in a robe. You will even have a chance to meet a superman - just call for a hookah attendant.

Plasticine Cafe
You will find more plasticine only on a plasticine factory. Every visitor is given a piece and asked to make a sculpture. Depending on your mood it could be a therapy which will help you shape your thoughts, a fun entertainment, a work of art - every one has something to share with the world and your masterpiece will be displayed on the wall for everyone to see and admire.

65 Meters Underground
Bunker 42 has so many things or offer for groups - interactive incentive programs, conference halls and, of course, restaurants. The surroundings are unusual without any additional settings - a Stalin's bunker used for the leaders of the great empire in the middle of the last century, hidden 65 meters under the center of Moscow. Now it is completely renovated just for entertainment purposes only. A group can spend there several hours exploring its many adventures and then dine in one of the restaurants decorated according to theme of the program.
#russkieprostori DMC will be happy to offer you many many more restaurants in Moscow and other cities of Russia. Just contact us and we will make your experience unforgettable.