The beginning of summer will be celebrated with flamboyant and fascinating shows in one of the parks of St. Petersburg.

In June all the visitors of Elagin island in St. Petersburg city center will see huge dinosaurs, Christmas angels on stilts, headless people and the most flexible acrobats, puppet masters and clowns walking down the streets. Street actors and magicians will trick the passersby with their art.
Elagin Park International Street Theaters Festival is a unique opportunity to experience the magical world of theater, where there are no boundaries between the stage and the audience, and everyone can take part in street performances. The festival annually brings together teams from Russia and around the world, attracting new artists and performances, representing various genres of street art. All the shows will be held in the open air, on the moving platforms with water fountains and other special effects with fascinating artistic and engineer solutions.
The show will be held in June,2-4. For more information please contact #russkieprostori DMC.