To be honest it is already here, in Russia. So why winter may be as attractive as any other season in Russia? You may discover something new for yourself...

Winter came early this year and Russia is already covered in snow and looking forward to the New Year and Christmas holidays. It is amost unbelievable we still have 1,5 months to wait. But it is just the right time to prepare a trip to Russia. Do not forget, we have a long winter.

So why Russia in winter:

- Low season and the best offers from the top hotels in Moscow and St. Petersburg

- Loads of winter acivities perfect for an incentive program and an individual trip - Yukigassen (a special snowball fight), husky sled riding, snowmobile, ice golf etc.

- Some true Russian entertainment, that you will only experience in winter - such as a ride on a troika sleigh, diving into an ice-hole and a hot Russian banya after.

- Much less visitors in museums and public places - the best museums will be just for your group! Well, almost... And do not forget if you would like to be completely alone, we will organize an early opening for you.

- Lots of festivals and shows outdoors and indoors - historicly, winter was always the time for social life and we still have this tradition.

- The best time to see the true Russian opera and ballet (the troops are usually on tour in summer)

- Magnificent festive atmosphere in the city center with bright decorations on the streets, in shops, hotels... - Christmas spirit follows you everywhere.

- Russia was meant to be seen in winter. Thick layers of snow turn the old city into a winter fairytale. And unlike some warmer countries, Russia is used to this amount of precipitation - traffic functions normally, no jams.

- Do not believe the rumors about "freezing Russin winter". In Moscow and St. Petersburg it is from -1 to -8 C or even warmer most of the time. Of course, there are several days a year when the tmperature drops to -15 C or lower.

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