320 Cossacks will be deployed to provide security for the 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup

Cossacks are one of the peoples of Russia that you can recognize by their tall fur hats and embellished traditional jackets. All the guests of Russia probably know them as spectacular dancers with their gravity-defying dance style. Arguably, they emerged in the 14th century in the Southwestern part of Russia as a rebellious and independent group of people. They constantly lead rebellions against the Russian empire through the centuries. Some of their leaders were often depicted and legendized in the classical Russian literature as free spirits with their own laws and honor. You can read about them in the books by Leo Tolstoy and Alexander Pushkin.

The Cossacks were also known to collaborate with some of the Russian tsars and act as their low enforcement. During the Russian revolution, they fought against the communists’ party. Since the USSR collapse the Cossacks’ culture has been revived and turned into a form of art. Now their dance style is especially popular. Sometimes it is turned into a spectacular show that can be easily organized at a VIP gala dinner or any other event. It is a really “must see” for any incentive program in Russia.

Cossacks were already a part of the security at the Olympics in 2014 that were internationally praised for their security measures. And now 320 Cossacks will be deployed for the 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup.

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