A "Rock" skating rink will be constructed in Moscow and offer dance master classes for visitors.

Skating is one of the favorite winter pastime in Russia that makes an exciting team building activity as even if you came from a far Southern country and have never experienced our freezing winter, you certainly will not get cold during this exciting exercise. Every winter Moscow surprises us with skating rinks of the most unexpected sizes and decorations. And it looks like 2016 will not be an exception. The authorities decided to construct a "rock" skating rink with a two meter guitar. Every day there will be a different music theme - from Elvis Presley to Nirvana and the park will also organize master classes on rock and roll dance moves, and the special lines drown on the rink will help the participants. Keen skaters will appreciate another new rink 1.5 km long located by Golden pond. The park will also construct all the necessary facilities where the guests will be able to rest, get warm and have a hot beverage and lunch.
For more information please contact #russkieprostori DMC.