Sochi hosts Russian Drift Series on the F1 Autodrom for the first time on October 21-22.

Sochi truly could be called the Russian capital of extreme sport as so many extreme activities are already in the collection of this lively city. And now, for the first time, Russian Drift Series will be organized on the Formula I autodrom that gained so much international recognition.
The first drift competition in Russia was organized in 2010 and it is divided into four regional series - RDS-West, RDS-East, RDS-Urals and RDS- Siberia. The organizers of the competitions in Sochi have prepared a special track configuration for better drift velocity so the event should be exciting not only for the guests but also for experienced pilots. The most famous drift champions from various countries will perform at RDS in Sochi.

If you would also like to experience the benefits of the legendary autodrom in your incentive program, we will be happy to organize a race with professional driver on Formula 1 Track.

For more information please contact #russkieprostori DMC.