St. Petersburg government is planning to construct floating hotels by FIFA 2018.

St. Petersburg has long been known as a marine capital of Russia which abounds with numerous rivers and channels and islands. So it probably would be a shame not to use this unique feature as an advantage. St. Petersburg government has decided surprise the FIFA fans and construct floating hotels by 2018.The hotels will be built to accommodate more fans championship and other guests of St. Petersburg. They will not be situated necessarily in the city center but rather in a little bit more remote locations which do not have plenty hotels in the surroundings but are no less beautiful and picturesque. Now 12 locations are being revised for the constructions of the hotels. Some of the hotels will be built by the stadium on Krestovsky Island (about 20 minutes ride from the city center) and on Vasilievsky Island which is practically also a part of the city center. Each hotel will offer 30-50 rooms.
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