The medieval castle in Vyborg won the Russian Event Awards this year as the best venue for organizing tourism events.
Vyborg located 174km northwest of St Petersburg and just 30km from Finland is considered an ancient gateway between East and West. Its monuments date from 13th to 18th century. Vyborg Castle and its surroundings which are more than 700 years old is a great example of North European medieval architecture. This cozy town with narrow cobble streets, numerous attractions constructed by its previous owners, Finns, Swedes and Russians, has a unique medieval atmosphere which makes it perfect for organizing events with historical or folk theme. It is popular for its historical reconstructions, festivals and even several sport competitions. This year it won the Russian Event Awards as the best venue for organizing tourism events.

Vyborg Castle is also a perfect venue for any incentive activities, especially with a medieval theme. The trip to the place will take 1.5-2 hours from the St. Petersburg city center and the town has all the necessary infrastructure and facilities to make the program exciting and unforgettable for the guests.
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