On the last Sunday of July all sorts ships, submarines, aircraft, troops and amphibious vessels will be displayed in various ports of Russia making a festive parade.

The celebration honors Navy servicemen, veterans, workers of shipbuilding and repairing wharfs engaging all the biggest ports across Russia - from East to West. The most prominent vessels and two thousands troops will parade in front of the crowd displaying the force's skills and capabilities.
In St. Petersburg about 10 vessels including warships and submarines will mark the celebration right in the city center. For those who has never seen a live submarine it might be quiet a show. You will be amazed just by its sheer size especially in that unusual surroundings - embarked near palaces and museums.
July is a wonderful time to visit St. Petersburg, and if you are happen to be in the city that day, do not forget to pass by the central embankments of the Neva river.
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