We have just concluded an annual sales convention arranged by Natasha Stegnova for my top sales performers. This is an annual activity where we reward them for peak performance hence it has to be exclusive and something that goes in their memories. I must thank Natasha for helping me in that purpose by not only recommending the very best in both Moscow and St. Petersburg but also delivering the promise equally or sometimes even better than what was on paper. My team is giving me loads of appreciation for arrangements done but I guess in true sense it belongs to your team who had put in lots of efforts in making it happen in the most professional way. For me personally as part of the group, it was one of the best as well.

Anyone coming across asking me for Russia tour arrangements will most definitely have Russkie Prostori as first recommendation. Well done and keep up the good job. All the best for 2016.

The comment dedicated to Natasha Stegnova