Every year St. Petersburg welcomes summer with a grandiose show of fountains. Do not miss it on May, 21.

Peterhof is a summer residence of Russian emperors legendary for its beauty and history, found by Peter the Great in the beginning of the XVIII century. The complex includes the Grand Palace, several other palaces and upper and lower gardens with their various fountains and sculptures - all recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Each year there is a different show celebrating the opening of the fountain season which makes this festival highly popular not only among guests of the city but also among locals. Russian "Versailles" vibrates with enigmatic energy and fountains come to life telling their story with musical performances, light shows, fireworks and various special effects. The show is held in the evening and you have several options of transportation - by bus, by train, and the most exciting one, by hydrofoil that will take you from the city center strait to the lower gardens. Please contact #russkieprostori DMC for more information.