World without borders is a dream of every traveler and an unreachable utopia. But lets imagine for a moment that we can get to the most wonderful places in mere seconds.

As we have clients from all over the globe we decided it is only fair that we learn more about their countries at every opportunity. This year we organized an exciting cocktail of cultures named "Re-load without Boarders" where "Russkie Prosotori Airways" invited their long term partners for an exciting trip. We had a Wild West theme party in a pub where we learnt Irish dancing, playing the harmonica, also known as a French harp, and also played a trivia where they had to guess flags of different countries.
The party was held on the 7th of December, in the city center, at Craft Brew Café, famous for its diverse choice of beer. All of Russkie Prostori "crew" was dressed in an appropriate uniform of a checkered cowboy shirt. At first all the visitors were given a harmonica with a sheet of musical notes to play a song all together - it sounds challenging but in fact was very easy. Then three dancers performed Irish dancing and gave a master class for all the guests. One of the most exciting parts was a game where everyone had to guess the flags of the most far-away countries, the winner got a Visited Countries Map.

#russkieprostori DMC would like to thank all the participants. We have had a wonderful time, as always!