New feature on our website - "play" with sample programs and see how you can make your trip more exciting.

As our directors like to say, sky is the limit when you strive for perfection, so every day we try to find new ways to make Russia's tourism opportunities more accessible for our clients.
We have the most innovative and extensive database that we have been updating and expanding for almost 20 years and we would very much like to show you everything our destination can offer.
As you know, all our offers are custom-made and carefully elaborated to satisfy every demand of our client. We developed about 50 sample programs based on the most popular activities in order to help you learn more about the tourism possibilities in our country. All the programs are regularly updated and we always add more to the list. Just visit our website and you will find the most popular destinations - Moscow, St. Petersburg, Sochi and Krasnaya Polyana and by clicking on "Sample Programs" you will see a very diverse list of various types of trips - from 2 to 120 pax and from incentive to luxury, team-building activities, fam trips, conferences etc. Do not forget to accommodate your search based on the theme and season of your travel.

You also can modify any of the sample programs according to your preferences. Do not be shy and check it out for yourself, for example, on "St. Petersburg winter Fairy-tale"  . You will find that you can not only change a number of persons and delete unnecessary items, but also add various items directly from our database - any kind of entertainment, transport or restaurant. You will also find a very thorough description for everything you choose, including pictures, map location, duration, our special recommendations and, of course, prices.
I can describe what you can do for hours, but as they say, a picture is worth a thousands words. Just go to #russkieprostori website and "play" with your future trip to Russia. Our IT department did a wonderful job - it is a very uncomplicated and user-friendly tool and, the truth be told, an entertainment for itself.