This summer you can enjoy parkour, alpine climbing and other sport activities in the highest rope park in Russia.

This adventure island is located in All-Russia Exhibition center, right by the 27th pavilion "Physical Training and Sport". It is constructed as a replica of the similar parks in Germany, Spain, the USA, Turkey, India and China and it has no equivalents in Russia.
Sky Town is a single structure 16 meters high and it comprises of 1 thousand square meters. It has 90 attractions and routes with various barrier zones located on different levels above the earth. You can even try out a 16 meter swing or climb on the top of the structure and enjoy a view platform with a magnificent scenery to the main exhibition complexes of the former USSR.
The park is open for corporate team-building activities and it has all the safety equipment. Sky Town will be a welcome distraction from a long tedious day full of meetings and conferences or a an exciting fitness part of an incentive program in the capital of Russia. Please contact #russkieprostori DMC to learn more.