Untamed nature, numerous team-building activities, the true Russian culture with ancient churches added to the UNESCO Heritage list-all of this just several hours ride from St. Petersburg.

The Republic of Karelia is located to the North of St. Petersburg and it is famous for its wild and beautiful nature and stunning architectural heritage. A speed train will take you to the capital of the republic, Petrozavodsk, in several hours where you will be welcomed by Park Inn by Radisson.

Husky Trekking

Karelia offers numerous teambuilding activities, including husky trekking. You will meet with a musher at a husky farm and will get acquainted with one of the most human-friendly and cutest dog breeds in the world. The musher will tell you about the history of the breed and acquaint you with each dog. After an excursion and a short briefing you will get an “own” dog to get acquainted with. The trail is about 6 km long and goes through the picturesque Karelian  forest to the White Lake, known for its spectacular blue waters. During the day you will have picnic lunch on the shore of the White Lake.

River Rafting

With the adventure game "Pirate Rafting" you will spend the whole day in a pine forest on the shore of the Shuya, enjoying verious exhilarating activities - rafting competitions and treasure hunt. You will bring your team to the world of exciting adventures, where you will turn into a hilarious pirates and having overcome all the tests and rapids, you'll find the treasures using an ancient pirate map!

Jeep Tour

On a jeep tour you will see the beautiful nature and architecture of Karelia, including Assumption Church, Waterfall Kivach, Volcano Girvas, Marcial Waters, Mountain Sampo and many other sites. The tour lasts a whole day and also includes an introductory instruction on the basics of off-road driving and safety on the route; test drive under the supervision of an instructor. Special stage will be "Sandy sprint", the movement of marked track in the sand pit (track: test drive, check on the stopwatch, to identify the best players).

Cooking Classes

Cooking classes in famous Karelian cuisine include the preparation of Kalitkas and Lohikeyto. One of the best restaurants with traditional Karelian cuisine will teach you how to make Kalitkas, a pie with fillings - with potatoes and millet. You will also have an opportunity to try various kinds of herbal tea and oatmeal with Northern berries cooked by special recipe. "Lohikeyto" is a creamy soup with salmon - that cooking class will be a perfect entertainment during a teambuilding program on the open air.

Silver Ring of Karelia

Those who are more interested in culture and wonderful architecture of this region can join a 5 day tour around the most amazing places of interest. The XVIII century wooden church in Kizhi constructed without a single nail is considered one of the most beautiful and significant cultural treasures in Russia. You will be amazed by the wild beauty of ancient monasteries of Valaam rock islands and the severe architecture of Solovki.

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