Beautiful and sunny Saransk, one of the FIFA destinations, was recently visited by RP manager, Vera Petrova. It is a cozy city with its own ethnic culture and the second sport capital of Russia.

It is the cleanest and safest city in our country with population of 280 000 people and the capital of the Republic of Mordovia. The city is very small but it is also very cozy - almost every attraction is located within walking distance - the airport and the future FIFA stadium are 10 minutes’ ride from the city center. The republic has its own culture and tradition of one of the numerous people of Russia - Mordvins and 3 official languages: Russian, Erzya and Moksha. Mordovia is one of the rare places where ethnic culture is still alive, though, as in other regions of Russia, it is slowly fading away. But you can witness it in some villages of the republic.

Saransk is a very sport oriented city, wherever you go you can see a facility or venue dedicated to a certain kind of sport. It plays an important role in upbringing and training children and teenagers. Almost all the race walkers who brought gold and silver medals to Russia at the Olympics and other world championships were born in Mordovia, and Russian female race walkers have been the best in this kind of sport in the past 20 years. Russian male race walkers hold the second place.

Yubileyniy Stadium, a new airport terminal, Holiday Inn and Sheraton hotels are being constructed for FIFA. The city also offers several new 5 star hotels of Russian brands. It has plenty of restaurants, including Mordovskoye Podvorye with the most delicious Mordvin cuisine, where you can try the dishes no other restaurant in the world and even in other regions of Russia can offer. The city also has plenty of incentive opportunities - I tried horse riding, where professional trainers taught me the basics of this fascinating sport. The city has several stables that organize the horse riding tours.

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