Russkie Prostori are exploring FIFA destinations - our pioneer is Maria Kastensson with an inspection visit to Yekaterinburg.

Yekaterinburg is a great city for history lovers and guests who already experienced St. Petersburg and Moscow. It is the place where ancient churches and wooden houses are surrounded by modern glass skyscrapers and everyone can find something for their liking. It is situated right between Europe and Asia so Maria got a chance to literally be in two continents at once! The city is in full preparations for FIFA so it will welcome the guests with new hotels such as Park Hyatt, Park Inn, Novotel and a stadium and exciting incentive programs for corporate clients. The airport, Koltsovo, was rebuilt for BRICs summit in 2014, and has a variety of restaurants and shops to pass the time before the flight!

Yekaterinburg is also very significant in Russian history. The last Russian tsar Nikolas II and his family (the Romanovs) were killed in this city. #russkieprostori DMC are happy to offer you tours to the last house where tsars lived – Epatievsky house.  The house was the last hiding place of the the royal family. A cathedral (Spilled blood) was constructed there to commemorate the tragic event.