Gadgetry, creativity, art!

The Make it! Show is a call for the active realization of creative potential, art skills of participants and visitors, as well as the popularization of innovations and inventions in Russia.

The Make it! Show is a family event. Both kids and adults will find themselves busy as it is very captivating to invent and think out new things at any age and any place. Everyone will be able to make something unique as there is a hidden creator, inventor and artist in each of us.

Science and art go arm in arm, completing each other with original ideas. State-of-the-art technology simplifies our life and gives ground for creativity, when the latest gadgets“ design pleases the eye.

The Make it! Show festival features a rich show programme at the stage and exhibition pads presenting such themes as inventions, science, art, do-it-yourself, handmade, 3D, games, robots, sports and others.

The Make it! Show invites everyone to dive into the atmosphere of the future.

The main message of the Make it! Show event is to make, to create!