The DANCE&ART EXPO exhibition is an ambitious project of international level which is traditionally held within the framework of the World Dance OLYMPIAD, the largest event in the field of dancing; it is the largest exhibition of goods and services for dancing, theatre, and a healthy lifestyle. The total area of the exhibition is more than 12,000 square meters.

Apart from the exhibition of a wide range of goods, the program of the exhibition also includes thematic expositions held within the framework of the concert and entertainment marathon “11 Days of the World”, numerous presentations, business events, fashion shows, workshops, promotional activities, speeches of famous people, presents and surprises.

One of the aims of the event is to attract the public attention to the diversity of the world of dancing, its unique atmosphere which is full of fire and inspiring energy, and to present its joint products and services. The guests have an opportunity to feel the unique atmosphere of dance perfection, charm, delicacy, and harmony which prevail at the sites of the event.

The motto of the exhibition which is “Beauty. Perfection. Motion. Grace” partly describes an extensive list of the demonstrated goods.