VacuumTechExpo 2015, the 10th Anniversary International specialized exhibition of vacuum equipment, materials and technologies.

VacuumTechExpo is a unique exhibition held in Russia, which is made to showcase modern vacuum equipment by leading Russian and foreign manufacturers: starting with vacuum pumps and leak testers to complex vacuum installations and vacuum chambers for different fields of the industry.

Exhibition sections:

  • Vacuum equipment and technologies

  • Vacuum production means and vacuum measurement devices

  • Cryogenic equipment and components

  • Leak testers and vacuum environment analytical equipment

  • Equipment for functional coatings

Participants: manufacturers and distributors of vacuum, cryogenic, analytical, sublimation equipment and machinery, as well as equipment for spraying. Engineering companies are also to attend the exhibition providing a full range of services in the sphere of high technologies.

Visitors: directors and representatives of companies in the field of: vacuum technology, mechanical engineering, electronics and instrumentation, the aerospace industry, the nuclear and energy industry, nanotechnology, optics, metallurgy, chemicals and petrochemicals, and medicine.