Sochi SkyPark is the best place for adrenaline addicts - there they can find the highest swing on the longest footbridge with the second tallest bungee jumping platform in the world.

Sochi is proud of the world’s biggest swing, 170 meters high, that is made for one or two passengers. Your flight will cover about 500 meters in several seconds. Sounds frightening at first but be careful - it is very addictive - once you try that you will want to do it again and again.
Sochi also has the second tallest bungee jump - about 209 meters above the earth. Thou if you are so chicken try it you can jump from a lower platform that is about 70 meters high. But really - why go to Sochi if you are not willing to get the best of the best?
Another entertainment is a zip-line MegaTroll – it is a special device made of a rolls system and a carriage that will let you slide along a metal cable at the height of 207 m and at a speed of up to 150 km/h (~93 m/h).
All these entertainments are located on the world’s longest footbridge – 439 meters - suspended between two mountains and above a gorge of the Mzymta River. It is a wonderful place to admire amazing landscapes of Sochi. The view is spectacular - you will see Caucasus Mountains, rivers, lakes, villages and even the Black sea.
An extremely reliable safety system is installed at all the attractions.
The extreme sport of bungee jumping in its current form was invented by A.J.Hackett, a New Zealand entrepreneur. Hackett himself started off with high-profile bungee-jumping stunts, such as diving off the Eiffel Tower in 1987. A year later he opened the first commercial bungee jump site in 1988. Nowadays he has plenty of such parks all around the world. But SkyPark in Sochi is considered the most spectacular one.
SkyPark is the best extreme activity you can offer to your colleagues and clients. You are welcome to contact #russkieprostori DMC for more information.