Maslenitsa, or the Butter Week, is a celebration of spring, when Russians bid farewell to winter.

It is a well-known fact that Russian winters are particularly severe so it is no surprise that we are so eager to celebrate its end. Every day during Maslenitsa week is dedicated to a particular activity. But the most fun is the weekend, when every park in the city hosts different kinds of entertainment and restaurants offer special menus.

The guests will see a horse show, puppet shows, try their skils in a fist fighting and other competitions, even participate at workshops where they will forge a horseshoe or a coin. There is even a contest where a person has to climb up a bare smooth pole several meters high in order to get a prize placed on the top. The streets will be full of people wearing costumes and masks and eating blinis (Russian pancakes). The highlight of the day will be the burning of stuffed figure - an embodiment of winter - Lady Maslenitsa.

The celebration will take place all over Russia. This year it will be in Kuznetsky Most street, at Patriarch Ponds, Górky Park in Sokolniky and other parks in Moscow. The busiest places in St. Petersburg will be Kirov Central Park and Alexander Park.

Maslenitsa also inspires many unusual activities for incentive programs that you will not be able to experience anywhere else in the world. #russkieprostori DMC will be happy to show you how we celebrate spring in the country of snow and frost.