Every Year Russkie Prostori  organizes a charity event for an orphanage or children with special needs in St. Petersburg. One Euro from every person from a confirmed program is saved for charity.

Thank you so much for you cooperation! It is because of you we are able to help those who need it the most and seeing happy children faces every year tells us that all our work and efforts are not in vain.

In 2014 we decided to combine pleasure and utility and give children not only New Year presents but also share an exciting experience. We organized a teambuilding activity with a delicious dinner. Russkie Prostori visited one of the Children Shelters and tried out one of the Catalyst programs, “Sausage Sensation”. Girls from Russkie Prostori and children of different ages were divided into several teams where each member had their own task and used the best of their abilities. It did not matter that you were not a natural cook as creativity can appear in different forms. The result was a delicious dinner where everyone learnt what it felt like to be a real cook or a connoisseur of food. And as usual every child got a present that he or she asked for in advance.

Thanks to your support some of the children’s wishes came true this year.

We hope that you have the same cheerful Christmas and New Year celebration surrounded by warm smiles that we had last Friday!