Yesterday the Largest Conference and Exhibition Center in the city with the latest state of the art facilities was finally opened.

Russkie Prostori DMC was invited to the big event and amidst the high season I was the lucky one who actually got the opportunity to attend it. The main oil and gas company in Russia, Gazprom, also one of the investors, was holding the 4th St. Petersburg International Gas Forum in one of the pavilions. So the halls became instantly swarmed with the tycoons of the industry as well as representatives of the leading conference organizers from all over the world including Messe Düsseldorf, the world's largest organizer of specialized international exhibitions. Numerous camera flashes, excited exclamations filled the three vast pavilions of the venue. Several hours later all the paparazzi directed their attention to the St. Petersburg governor, Georgiy Poltavchenko, who arrived to honor the event and express his congratulations.

To tell the truth I am not much into that oil and gas industry and I was probably the last person who expected to be excited by a gas exhibition. So imagine my surprise when I saw those various kinds of curious machines and mechanisms of different sizes displayed in a way that even a five year old was able to understand their purpose. Several stands even showed educational films on how to use the products in environmentally friendly way. Moreover, the whole exhibition was dedicated to preservation of natural resources and saving of the environment. The most exciting part were nature sections with pools with fishes, colorful butterflies that were flying in the pavilions and landing on visitors and … hedgehogs that actually got even more attention than even the governor.

By now the center opened only 3 big pavilions, during 2015 we are waiting for the opening of Hilton Saint Petersburg ExpoForum and Hampton by Hilton Saint Petersburg ExpoForum, a business center, a customs and logistics facility, cafés, restaurants and other facilities. The new center will provide a venue that will help Russia’s international trade links, and will boost St. Petersburg’s social and economic prosperity. The organizers hope that by 2021, Expoforum will be ready to host “the largest, most significant event in the gas industry” – the World Gas Conference and Exhibition.


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