Mountains are the most remarkable and picturesque landmarks in Sochi that also provide numerous opportunities for incentive activities.

It is not important whether you are an experienced conqueror of mountain tops or an amateur who has never climbed a lowest hill – Russkie Prostori will find a suitable program for everyone.

Via Ferrata

“Via Ferrata” is a comparatively new type of mountaineering for Sochi which Russkie Prostori DMC is happy to offer to you. “Via Ferrata” can be translated as “iron path” from Italian and means climbing up the mountains following a special route with safety ropes, metal cramps and bridge passages in various parts of it.
As a result, climbing up a 200-meter rock becomes possible for amateur climbers or those who have never tried doing this before. Our Destination Management Company will provide the group with experienced instructors and safety systems that will make the climbing really safe.

Canyoning and Caving

Each and every mountain gorge is a unique natural wonder. Canyoning involves jumping from waterfalls in deep pools, rafting in natural karst corridors and climbing rocks hanging over water.
A caving means discovering an unequipped cave. Have you ever seen an underground river, lake or waterfall so deep that you cannot see the bottom? Have you ever gone inside a cave for several kilometers without steps, bridges and lightning? Put yourself to a test, be open to new emotions and discover a new unknown world.

«Adventures in Kolkhida»

This is a team adventure game in which participants perform various activities and try solving logical tasks working out their team’s strategy. All the information and artifacts collected on their way will help them reach the final and then get together and solve an ancient puzzle.
Examples of such activates: walking to a waterfall, paintball, climbing, rope tasks, orientation, logical tasks and puzzles.
The area where the game takes place is a 30-minute ride from Central Sochi. Here you can find the famous Akhun mountain, the Agurskiye waterfalls, the picturesque Orlinye rocks (“Eagle rocks”). The legend has it, Prometheus may have been bounded to one of the vertical rocks in this area.

It is a tedious labor to climb a mountain but once you are there you will see that all your efforts were not in vain as the view is better from the top. Russkie Prostori would be happy to organize any incentive activities that will not only introduce the guests of our country to Russian culture but also inspire them to new achievements.