The land of ancient monasteries, lakes and dense forests located about 500 km to the South East from Moscow and St. Petersburg is one of the most beautiful places in Russia full of tourism potential.

The monastery is surrounded by many lakes and rivers wrapped in legends and stories. According to one of them the it was founded by two monks ,Cyril and Therapontus (Ferapont), from Mocsow.
In summer of 1397 Virgin Mary appeared to Cyril during a moment of devotion and announced that his salvation awaited him on the land of the White Lake. At that moment he saw bright rays of light coming from the North. Cyril and Therapontus traveled to the land and established two monasteries that were later named after them.
The monasteries constructed as fortress on the lake shore managed to survive many heavy attacks of foreign armies, Stalin’s regime and abolishment of the religion in the XX century revealing their divine essence and they have kept their grand look till nowadays. The frescos of the Monastery of St.Therapontus are the true work art! And you should really see this masterpiece – the entire hall, from top to bottom, is covered with painting of the XV century made by one of the most prominent icon painters in Russia – Dionisius.
These monasteries are precious treasures of the country hidden in the North, far away from the fuss of the city life. Once upon a time they were the refuge and place of exile for Russian monarchs including Ivan the Terrible who kept its library there and now they are included in the UNESCO List of World Culture Heritage and offer its sever grandeur and untouched nature for us to see and admire. It is a beautiful ecotourism destination full of potential and Russkie Prostori DMC would be happy to show it to the guest of our country.