Are you planning to take a trip to the mountains and enjoy the snowboarding or skiing. Well what a better place can it be than Quiksilver New Star Sochi Camp from March 22nd till March 31st?

Mountains, snow, sea and the sun?

Nowhere else you can enjoy such an amazing weather, tracks, services and of course a cocktail in chill-out zone in the evening! Many contests, cool parties, a great park from Jeffrey Bostwick supported by Moustache Crew and even powder days! Warm, sunny weather and heavy spring snowfall. Specially for Quiksilver New Star - 3 days and 2 nights for only 6 200 rubles, including breakfast and ski pass. All are welcome!

About the resort

“Mountain Carousel” ski resort in Krasnaya Polyana has been developed since 2006. It is a heart of Gorky Gorod the first multibrand world class resort in Caucasus. The ski-mountain complex has the highest pick at 2360m below the sea level. The unique thing about the complex is that you can ski there till the middle of May!

What about the Park?

A specialised park with ski jumps will be built here by Jeffrey Bostwick, a famous shaper from Colorado (USA), together with Pyotr Yastrebkov, reports the Joint Information Centre. Russian Moustache Crew will help them to build the park, they have an experience to build the best snow Parks in our country.

How to take part?

Just send a email to with your name, date of birth and date of your arrival / departure. It will be a confirmation of your participation and the desire to get a membership card. If you have a group of participants we need their passport info. This information is needed for setting up tour packages. The card allows you to have an accommodation in Mountain Carousel and a ski-pass.

What about snow?

Russkie Prostori with ski resort Mountain Carousel give you 100% guarantee that there will be a plenty of snow!