Volga Quest won the Grand Prix of the National Russian Event Awards-2013, the National Award for event tourism.

Volga Quest dogsled expedition across Samara Bend took place in the beginning of 2013. The project took part in the National Russian Event Awards open competition – specialized award given for achievements in the development of event tourism industry – and received the Grand Prix in the "Best Project in the field of sport" category. Volga Quest dogsled expedition across Samara Bend with 15 mushers and 100 dogs participating was a prologue to the Volga Quest – International dog sled race. Professional racers from Tolyatti, Moscow, Karelia, Tyumen, Kamchatka, Siberia, as well as from Germany, Sweden and Norway will participate in the race, which will start on January 25, 2014 in the Volga Region.

600-kilometers long trail passes across the region's major cities – Tolyatti, Ulyanovsk and Kazan, and across small towns in between. The Volga Quest includes two directions – expeditionary for all-comers and sporting for the professional racers. Events are held annually on the territory of Russia.

Participants are from Russia and abroad: from the Volga region, Chukotka, Karelia, USA, Czech Republic, Norway, Sweden, where riding sport is very popular, showing great interest in the race.

The track connects regions of the Volga region. In 2014 it is Tolyatti, Ulyanovsk, and Kazan. Participants of the race will pass through small villages. It will revitalize their lives, and will provide participants race to the cultural heritage of the Volga region. The race tests capabilities and strength. The race also has its historical and tourist component — the history of the Great Russian transport artery - the Volga River. Every village and every town prepare a cultural program for meeting participants of the race. This promotes the revival of roots, rich traditions of sharing, companionship.

This race becomes an annual event so you may plan to participate next year or we may offer personal and alternative route for you when you may do dog sledge riding in Sochi for example or the same racing route In February or March. For more information you may contact us directly and our project managers will reply to you pretty soon!